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Catholic Women Organization (CWO)

Coordinators - Dr. Ngozi Obilor & Lolo Onyii Nwogu

The membership to this group is open to all married or non-married female members who are up to 40 years. This group strives to create opportunities for the women of the community to participate in the spiritual, religious and cultural life of the community. Women caring integrally for the follow women and their families are at the foundations of the mission of this group. For their spiritual growth, the women participate actively during the monthly Mass and provide food for the hospitality after Mass. Also, the women participate in the annual parents’ retreat and novena to the Our Lady of Fatima. Through their cultural and colorful dance and wears the women entertain the community during the Mother’s Day celebrations and whenever they are needed. To make sure that no woman is left behind, the women are divided into five groups/zones- St. Rita, St. Monica, St. Theresa of Child Jesus, Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mother of Perpetual Help. Through the efforts of the group leaders, the women take turns to provide for the community’s monthly hospitality after Mass.

  • NICCSJ Zoom Sponsors- July 20th, 2021 to July 19th, 2022
    1. Chief Adolph & Dr. Ngozi Obilor
    2. Chief Aidan & Lolo Celine Ogamba
    3. Chief Goddy & Lolo Angela Ikeme
    4. Prince Val & Dr. Onyii Nwogu
    5. Mr. Linus & Mrs Angela Ibe
    6. Chief Paul & Lolo Leona Mbonu
    7. Mr. Chris & Theresa Elias
    8. Dr. Anthony & Dr. (Mrs) Vero Udeogalanya
    9. Mrs. Loretta Iwu
    10. Mr. George & Mrs Tina Eke
    11. Mr. James & Elizabeth Onyewuenyi
    12. Chief Charles & Lolo Fidelia Ndekwe
    13. Ezinne Gladys Aninyei & Family
  • NICCSJ Website Sponsors (September 2021 - August 2022)
    1. Chief Adolph Obilor & Dr. Ngozi Obilor
    2. Chief Aidan & Lolo Celine Ogamba
    3. Dr. Nneka Chukwu
    4. Dr. Omubo & Mrs Chinyere Jack
    5. Ms. Kosoluchi Ibe
    6. Dr. Anthony & Dr. (Mrs) Vero Udeogalanya
    7. Mr. Steve & Mrs. Maureen Awuzie
    8. Mrs. Susanna Onyinyechi Njoku
    9. Chief Charles & Lolo Fidelia Ndekwe
    10. Ezinne Gladys Aninyei & Family